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The Community Behind image is a community based e-commerce, managed by Komunitas Organik Indonesia (KOI) – Organic Community of Indonesia

KOI is built as the concern about Indonesian people quality of life. From what they eat, what they do and what they feel.

Founded in 2008 with the name CIQHaL: Community of Indonesia’s Quality & Healthy Living, Komunitas Organik Indonesia now has grown to be the largest organic community in Indonesia.This community emphasizing in organic as a way of living, not only food nor other consumer goods. It involves in every aspect in life. Organic Heart, Organic Mind.

Now with their own capacity, KOI gathers all farmers, producers, activists, consumers and fans of Organic, Green and Healthy Living in Indonesia. Together we are building a better Indonesia and a better world.

Indonesia as a better place with good quality and healthy living standard for every people.

  • Gather all Indonesian people who concern about Organic, Green & Healthy Living
  • Educate people to improve their life with good quality and healthy living standard
  • Provide Organic, Green & Healthy products and services to Indonesian people, and to the world,
  • Share Indonesia's natures gift for every people.

1) 4P Platform: People, Planet, Profit & Patriotic

People: Promote small producer’s wealthy, healthiness of consumers & educate every people

Planet: Preserve environment & defending biodiversity

Profit: Sustainability of enterprise / cooperative as basic foundation

Patriotic: Prioritizing national creations & products

2. OGH Products & Services

ORGANIC, an organic & naturally produced food and other consumer goods

GREEN, environmental friendly & preserving nature

HEALTHY, promoting healthiness of consumers and environment as well

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